About Us


128 W Washington ST, Marquette, MI

Our storefront can be found by entering the Masonic Square Mall from Washington street and heading downstairs to the lower level. We can also be accessed through the Masonic Mall entrance across from the public parking garage a block up from Washington. Using the elevator at the back of the building or stairs head down to the Lower Level (LL).

Northern Scales Reptiles was started with the hopes of bringing people in our community the opportunity to connect with interesting animals and insects; that they otherwise may have never heard of. We at Northern Scales believe that no animal deserves to be overlooked based on first impressions, even those that may make us go, "EEK!" 

Our goal is to share unique creatures with others, while providing our animals with the care they truly deserve. We work continuously to strengthen the level of knowledge we have for keeping exotic critters in captivity, to make sure we are providing our customers with the best information possible. We strive to meet this goal by connecting with our visitors daily, sharing educational experiences in person and online, and spending a large amount of time giving our animals quality spaces, interactions, and maintenance that allows us to learn directly from the animal. 

Whether you're an expert reptile keeper looking to expand your collection, or a first time reptile owner looking to find out where to start- we are here to help!


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